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5th August 2014


What are some of the most mind-blowing facts that sound like “BS”, but are actually true?

Answer by Christopher Reiss:

There’s a nuclear bomb lost somewhere in the swampy coast of Georgia.

In 1958, a Mark-15 warhead, packing about 2 Megatons, was jettisoned by a B-47 Bomber when it collided with an F-86 fighter plane. It looked like this.

They think it landed somewhere here:

But they can’t find it. At first the Air Force claimed there was no nuclear core.  However, in 1966, Assistant Secretary of Defense W.J. Howard testified to Congress that it was, indeed, a complete nuclear weapon.

Sweet dreams.
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11th September 2013


Willie Nelson feat. Mavis Staples - Grandma’s Hands (audio) (by WillieNelsonVEVO)

Great music that will make you remember the past.

17th July 2013


Keiko Matsui-Live In Tokyo © 2002 (by Smooth Jazz)

Modern Music ….. Upbeat

16th July 2013


Hilarious drive-thru switch prank →


24th June 2013


Google Chrome Speed Tests (by Google Chrome)

Coolest, Test Comparison In the World!! Rock On Chrome! 

20th June 2013


Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Summertime (by Aibope Karasheva)

Great classical music.

19th June 2013


The horror of a giant door-opening snake →

The Latest Horror Movie .. coming to your Night Mare!

19th June 2013


Bear gets right next to a guy on tree (by yousee60)

Hey there, do you have any Grey Poupon?
And yes, we do shit in the woods, would you like to see?

19th June 2013


Life on Mars (by Explore Mars, Inc.)

Have you head the latest .. Martian Fart Joke?

Two Martian Methanogenics walk into a Frat House …. Listening to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and watching Andy Griffith TV .. This is so funny you have got to watch the video.

15th June 2013


Pommel Horse/鞍馬 (by masqueradentv)